Changing your life by changing your attitude

Hello hello 🔔🔔 this whole weekend I am reflecting on each of us being the broken body of Christ. You want to see Jesus, look in the mirror because you are His body but not a whole body but rather a fractured body. Why did Jesus break us, His body? It’s because unless the bread is broken into pieces or cut up it can’t be tasted; the flavor doesn’t come out of the bread unless it is fractured. Think about your own life, wasn’t it during those “breaking and fracturing and cutting” moments of your life that your flavor truly began to come out?

I look at my own life and if it wasn’t for the breaking moments in my life like my mom leaving me in Poland when I was child, later coming to the USA and living the immigrant experience in an inner city immigrant neighborhood of Chicago, being bullied in school, and the list here is long and you know most of it so I won’t go on but you get it, it’s the suffering in our life that allows us to shine! Suffering and problems push us and propel us forward, suffering is a huge motivator. So embrace the breaking whatever it may be, it will only make you stronger.

Look what I came across at a Starbucks on the wall written by people waiting for their “fufu” drink! “Haters are our motivators.” Wow. It’s all about how you see things. Change your life by changing your attitude.

I am praying for you and sending you a blessing and a big smile and a big hello hello 🔔 Father Adam Kotas

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